Series Guidelines


1.     NMORS is an association between mountain bike promoters, racers and unpaid administrative staff (including a Series Director) that wish to support and grow the sport of cross country mountain bike racing in NM and El Paso, Texas thru a series of races composing the NM Off Road Series. This series will be held annually with events generally running from March thru October. At the conclusion of each year the NMORS will award a series title to each of it’s category champions. The rules for the series champions are included in this document for 2019 but may be adjusted annually by the NMORS.
2. Annually thru direct discussion and other means (email, text, etc.) the NMORS Director will update this document to reflect the needs of the cross country racing community.
3. The Series Director would like to have a calendar of the year’s events no later than the end of February for each year. This will allow the Series Director to update the rules for the upcoming year. The Series Director needs conformation that each race and promoter with a race in the series meets the appropriate criteria to be part of the series.
4. Race Criteria:
  • portable restrooms or other bathroom facilities
  • appropriate course markings and marshals to minimize course cutting and lost riders
  • land use permits
  • liability insurance
  • timing/scoring system
  • prize list and or purse associated with each race category
  • prompt race results reporting to Series Director in the appropriate format electronically (see example below)
  • online race registration
  • manual registration system
  • pay a one dollar per racer day surcharge to NMBRA within one week after the race
  • include the Series Director in your liability insurance.
Race results
You are encouraged to import your results into a format or they can be emailed to the Series Director in CSV format (excel spreadsheet) with the following fields:
  • USAC License #( or the words “one-day”)
  • Last Name
  • First Name
  • Gender
  • Racing Age
  • Category
  • Finishing Place
  • City of Residence (if available).
2019 Rules
In 2019 we will a total of ~9 races. The series will run from April to October. With a series that runs that long it is hard for racers to commit the time and effort to race consistently over 7 month period. Thus this season we three races early on followed by a break hen 6 more races beginning in August. For the overall series championship you must complete a minimum of 5 races but your points from your best 6 races will count towards your total score.  We will have a little break during the hottest time of the year in late June and July. This also allows families to spend time together during the summer vacation period. Then we will start up again in late August to finish the season as usual in Farmington in October.
Again with the current 9 races in the series, the top 6 races count towards your overall point total. There is a 5 race minimum to be considered a series champion. Should an event be cancelled for any reason the Series Director may need to adjust the scoring system.  If we have additional races that will add to the series, the numbers may be updated as well.  A notice will be sent to the racers if this update happens.
Race Categories:
Men:    Pro, SS, Cat 1 Junior, Cat 1 19-29, Cat 1 30-39, Cat 1 40-49, Cat 1 50-59, Cat 1 60+, Cat 2 Junior, Cat 2 19-29, Cat 2 30-39, Cat 2 40-49, Cat 2 50-59, Cat 2 60+, Cat 3 Junior, Cat 3 19-29, Cat 3 30-39, Cat 3 40-49, Cat 3 50-59, Cat 3 60+.
Women: Pro, SS, Cat 1 Junior, Cat 1 19-29, Cat 1 30-39, Cat 1 40-49, Cat 1 50-59, Cat 1 60+, Cat 2 Junior, Cat 2 19-29, Cat 2 30-39, Cat 2 40-49, Cat 2 50-59, Cat 2 60+, Cat 3 Junior, Cat 3 19-29, Cat 3 30-39, Cat 3 40-49, Cat 3 50-59, Cat 3 60+.
1st = 25 points
2nd = 22
3rd = 19
4th = 16
5th = 14
6th = 12
7th = 10
8th = 8
9th = 7
10th = 6
11th = 5
12th = 4
13th = 3
14th = 2
greater than or equal to 15th = 1
The NMORS point’s standings will be updated regularly thru out the 2019 racing season. They will be kept on Webscorer, . There will be a link from the NMORS website to Webscorer, Proper race results reporting is necessary to make sure the results are correct. Please follow the outline of results reporting exactly.
Racers are responsible to use the exact same name, DOB and USAC # in every race in the series to make sure there are no duplicates. Please remind racers about using the exact same name throughout the series, Webscorer uses the racer name as the primary data field. Racers who upgrade their USAC Category during the season will start the new Category with no points. Points in their previous Category will be maintained. For upgrade rules please refer to the USAC rulebook.
Tie-breaking procedure: In case of a tie in points within the top three places in any category, the first tie-break is who beat who the most in the series, this includes dropped races and DNF results and then if needed who beat who most recently.
Other Rules:
1. USAC Cat 1 & 2 road racers are encouraged to race at least Cat 2 or greater. Upgrades are obtained thru USAC.
2. Racing age for 2019 is racers age as of 12/31/2019.
3. Racers must use exactly the same demographic information for each race.
4. Poor sportsmanship, official abuse or staff abuse will result in loss of series eligibility.
5. For individual races the race official not the Series Director will settle disputes over rules and results.
6. The Series Director will settle disputes over series rules and standings.
7. The 2019 NMORS calendar will be run under USAC Cycling rules. In the event of an actual or perceived conflict between NMORS rules and USAC rules the USAC Rules apply. In other cases the NMORS Series Director upon being advised of a conflict shall examine the circumstances and resolve the conflict in a way that most promotes fairness and good practice in the operation of the series.
8. Ride Safely. Ride Well. Most importantly have fun!! That’s a rule.



3 thoughts on “Series Guidelines

  1. Is a membership to the NMORS necessary before racing, and if so how may one be obtained? This will be my first year to race,so I would also like to know if it is possible to pre-ride the courses the day before the races?
    Thanks, J.S. Adams

  2. There is no membership to NMORS, if you plan to race a large number of NMORS races, I suggest getting a USA Cycling license. Sorry for the delayed response, I hope you had a great first race!

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