7 01 2014
Mid-season update!
Below is the updated flier and information.
Based on the current line up, top 6 out of 11 events will count for series standings.
4 event minimum to qualify for a championship.
Now go get your ride on.
 14 nmors 082214a
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8 responses

22 06 2013
Jacob Gonzales

Dave, Best 7 results?

24 06 2013
Boss Toad

Yep, top 7 season results will count for final series standings.

8 07 2013
Jacob Gonzales

ouch 5 races in a row now! ouch!

18 09 2013

But only have to do 5 races to qualify for series?

20 09 2013
Boss Toad

Due to the cancellation of the Red River race, the top six (6) series results will count for series standings. There will be a four (4) event minimum to be eligible for a series championship.

27 01 2014

What’s the Valles Caldera event?

10 02 2014
Dal Haynes

Looks like an adjustment was made on the Coyote date from April 6th to March 30th. Is this correct?

19 02 2014
Boss Toad

That is correct.

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